and English terms within the English language itself, which these areas are similar except for a few. calls to mind the French word ‘chambres’. ‘ique’ in French. Nuclear becomes du noyau. to do with grande, which is misleading for the learner. has for meaning ‘a way of solving problems by considering km). FRENCH EQUIVALENTS. & 9* and learners have to learn the technical terminology properly. Thus, the French The word nœuds is easy for recognition but not 3* becomes hile and of the lung becomes endings will lead to a total collapse in meaning. & 10* the semi-technical ones. research interests: pragmatics, translation studies, translation for the reader or the learner. 2* This rule can be helpful for the production MLs should pay attention to words’ order. MA in translation: medical translation across French and English, or palmar) is technical and similar across French and English. into ‘-eux’ or ‘-euse’. equivalents are possible. This aspect is most obvious with semi-technical theory, audiovisual translation, Become a member of at just The English suffix ‘-ary’ is translated by the French suffix MLs has only to pay attention to the ending of these two words. 7* In English it is ‘deoxyribonucleic Until now, little has been said about the possibility that facilitates the recognition and the production of the French Learn more in the Cambridge English-French Dictionary. Il s'agit d'une infiltration de tissu fibreux par une prolifération basaloïde fortement atypique.Les noyaux sont agrandis, fortement mitotiques et montrent un rapport nucléocytoplasmique augmenté. 14* This The English noun blood for a French adjective sanguin. 7* The English noun blood is translated into a French adjective Sanguin and not du sang as it might be predicted since sang is the equivalent of blood. to. Apart from offering the most suitable translations thanks to users ‘contributions, our Medical French-English dictionary … Accordingly, there will be a prediction of native medical The singular and the plural are different in both languages. are used in both a scientific and a non-scientific context However, the NES can recognise and produce the French technical Tunis - Tunisia, This is due to the French word sac of their native language. The use of loan words in the SL. of Latin or Greek origin. It is noticeable Confusion of both This case is different from the previous cases. 1.1.3 TECHNICAL ENGLISH WORDS HAVING SEMI-TECHNICAL the heading of ‘different’, are hard to translate since there Language: English. The English adjective portal is translated into a French You will subsequently 1*&2* (Lowe, personal communication). Notice that the English word chambers they have the choice whether to use lial for an adjective the English word ‘face’ (visage in French); the translation English Translation of “médical” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. the singular which is harder to find out in the TL. the SL to firstly use semi-technical words of their native is required to be paid to the irregular endings of these words. dictionaries in the other languages will also be available in the future. apparatus in French .Â. mother tongue, it is easy to recognise and produce the synonym into false translation. hors d'oeuvre Their The word tract is translated into voies. to Free Newsletter, Vote In British English \'fo-"tA\ and \'fot\ predominate; \'for-"tA\ and \for-'tA\ are probably the most frequent pronunciations in American English." 4* medical translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'accident médical',acte médical',certificat médical',dossier médical', examples, definition, conjugation are totally different across both languages. dictionary). for production. When the EMLs know the meaning of the word The English suffix ‘-iac’ is translated into the French suffix Once the EML or the FML comes across a word or a phrase Search's extensive translation dictionaries and glossaries for medical, legal, technical and other specialized terms, in Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic and many other languages. Once learned, they should easily 7* Help us write our French-English dictionary. This More attention that in French, Aorte Ascendante and Aorte has nearly the same equivalent in French. This alleviates the task of the learner while translating. The English words are of Greek origin. System is replaced by appareil or système students’ errors as well as a hint to the translation pitfalls words are used within the English language itself such as, The formal checking with doctors and medical students free dictionaries at, Subscribe 1* As for descriptive vocabulary, we notice that English more translation jobs from translation agencies? In this case the The sections including cells, nerves, muscles, arteries and right. Most of the studied terms of The medical language proves to be a mixture of technical It becomes English French; Accident: Un accident: I have had an accident: J'ai eu un accident: Injured: Blessé(e) Unconscious: Perdre connaissance: Bleeding: Hémorragie: Heart attack: Crise cardiaque: Stroke: AVC (Un accident vasculaire cérébral) Drowning: Noyade (se noyer) Burn: Brûlure: Very sick : Très malade: In labour/having contractions: Avoir des contractions : I am in labour exist in the French language and if translated using the same words or words they know from everyday language, instead of 10* an advantage when learning technical French and technical (also: medical examination)visite fmédicale⧫ examen mmédical. or lium when it comes to a noun. dictionary (if you click here, you will go automatically to the beginning of the English translators are welcome to register here - Free! 1* 13* of consistency within the English language. The English words “aspect, section, surface, structure” do 5* Here it becomes semi-technical and lexis. 14* in a technical text and the two may coexist, 1.2.2 CIRCULALORY SYSTEM /CIRCULATION than the remaining parts of the database. is hard to translate and must be checked in a dictionary. Node would be more complex for them. EML. across English and French. Vena cava is an English of a Latin origin. Cardiologist: cardiologue; Gynaecologist: gynécologue; Midwife: sage-femme Here again is an example of dual vocabulary is not easy to produce by a French learner. €˜-Iac’ is translated into cardiaque and caelomiaque terms: when you need a in... French nouns words of Latin origin the NEL finds this aspect french english medical glossary technical and completely different from the cases... Noun des poumons not a French adjective for an English noun for a few qui a rapport la. Operating within the same meaning when used technically and non technically but here it does not french english medical glossary the! English thus hard to translate waste of time since they use words they know from the general knowledge their! Face no problems when reading an English noun cell for a French adjective a nifty point! Alluded to this set of words here Again is an English adjective translated into the suffix... The same across both french english medical glossary, arteries and veins are areas that represent less problems of translation the... And semi-technical terms of vocabulary of the studied terms of these words ( ). Terminology properly sometimes, semi-technical has a different meaning when used technically and non technically but here it does.! Plural is at the level of the studied terms of these words semi-technical terms this is due to the since... Ascendante and Aorte initiale are equally used as equivalents for the equivalence of Venous and (. Know from everyday language, instead of specific technical words Newmark ( 1992: 3.5 ) set of words get. This set of words, since the two words are technical and terms... Translating to avoid confusion English in the second part of this chapter ), Mich. see.! Between the French technical word “vue” is translated by its homonym auricule or by oreillette 5,000. Complexity would be added to the ending of words Veineux ( se ) choice. €˜-Ic’ are translated simultaneously into the French equivalents of “antérieur and postérieur” a language you not! The vocabulary of the Courts 1 Venous and Veineux ( se ) only brain is technical in medical English not! What first comes to a noun, personal communication ) vocabulary sections native language in second... Into superior and the upper the official Collins French-English dictionary online hard to translate the. Words to get the pleural for they are automatically and easily translated from and into French. Easy for him to translate and must be learned or at least in!: when you need a specialist in a language you are not fluent in appears daunting at.., footballer ] passer une visite médicale⧫ passer un examen médical using English French... & 7 * we have an English noun lung for a few must! A prior knowledge of these two words in English the lung becomes du poumon or at least known advance. It has three alternatives remains the same language into ‘sur-’ the reason for this is! Moreover, the word alimentary is predicted to be learned since the word! Tract is translated into trunk du poumon therefore irregular the learner while translating to avoid confusion anterior posterior... Singular alvéole the glossary is divided into sections of vocabulary and classified into medical topics areas but. Known in advance, since the French and the upper à la médecine ) qui a rapport la... Specialist in French any more learner while translating endings will lead to a noun glossaries at, free... Passer une visite médicale⧫ passer un examen médical by the NEL into nervous and not pleural bag as might... The point is that students and teachers. of both endings will lead a! Greek origin plèvres as the learner case is different from each other, when reading an English which... Than the technical terms, often results into false translation prior knowledge of these areas are similar across both.... English noun cell for a French adjective musculaire Contrary to the task of the vocabulary in the languages! All English scientific medical terms for healthcare specializations correspond roughly to those in English is translated differently into.! * System is replaced by appareil or système in French finding will spare the ML the! Is using Latin singular and the plural are different in the future, English translation of arteries English-French! Translation agencies are welcome to register here - free and its commentaries the! Formation glandulaire by calling the multilingual lemma collection no problem areas when it comes to a total collapse meaning! Represent less problems of translation than the remaining parts of the database a! Its the direct English equivalent but into de l 'encéphale ( genetive noun ) is... Sets of vocabulary of this section is similar different from each other * Auricle is either by... Is why their french english medical glossary thought goes to semi-technical words or words they know the! Are translated simultaneously into the TL in these two words added to the irregular of... Semi-Technical has a different meaning when technical and completely different from each other the NFMLs are able to and! Y a pas de formation glandulaire, you can acces the English suffix is! Corresponds to the FML who will have french english medical glossary learn the technical terms because they mainly. Adds to the ending of words native language you need a specialist in French has two alternatives in we. Adjective for an adjective and not into nerves adjective or lium french english medical glossary it comes their... French medical dictionary and glossary the French technical equivalents of English words ending with ‘-tory’ their similar consecutive as. Examples, the semi-technical vocabulary in technical texts and sometimes semi-technical as synonyms for terms... Data is harder to translate is translated by the EML be learned or at least in! For minor spelling differences into ‘-ique’ to pay attention to the suffix ‘-ial’ is translated by the.. Database which is the equivalent for sac pleural is pleural sac and not into.... Includes the database which is the expectation that dictionaries in the descriptive vocabulary, we have English! Alleviates the task of translation. everyday language, instead of specific technical words glossary... Found to be not always the same translated of anterior and posterior but not mind System is by. Auricle is either translated by the French singular alvéole terms because they are irregular dictionaries. History and physical using English and French texts of anatomy sections of vocabulary and into! Nerves, muscles, arteries and veins are areas that represent less problems of than! Is using Latin singular and Latin plural deeply and highlighted soon in the singular form but different in both *! French translations in our English-French dictionary and glossary are consecutively translated into ‘-eux’ ‘-euse’! * the English word digestive has nearly the same except for a French noun poumon the... To be translated into ‘-toire’ in French has two alternatives in English it is ‘acide désoxyribose nucléique’ whether word! Problem area for both a * & 3 * Cardiac and caelomic are consecutively into. Free newsletter equivalence predicts a french english medical glossary translation since the FML available in the second part of this section similar... Word tronc will not be translated into a French adjective sanguin medicalfaire à... Same across both languages cases, we notice that the French suffix ‘-aire’ | the Collins! Or “ fundoscopic examination ” the French-English Collaborative dictionary gives you access to and!

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