Open-grained woods should be filled before a wax finish is applied; any paste filler is compatible. If you use one, you are likely to spend time and money stripping it before you recoat it. This dust will ruin a reg. Now, while I didn’t apply stain over it, you can see how the painted surface is perfectly smooth. You can stain it … Can I apply Oil based deck stain over current water based deck stain? A true stain soaks the color deep into the wood and is not a "paint pigment" that sits on top of the wood. I think one misconception is that you have to strip and sand a piece down to bare wood before you can re-stain it. Someone said that we needed to seal the doors to protect during the building process with a clear Thompsons sealer. You will still need to coat the horizontal surface every year but the vertical rails will last three (except the top surface). It requires minimal cleaning....I may just use a garden hose with a firemen's nozzle. And then I end up taking off more paint than I wanted. Alternatively, you can use a stripper but its still a proble getting it off the verticals. The Ryobi corner sander, in particular, gets me every time. The problem with Latex and water based pigments is that they are paint pigments or a plastic skim and neither wear well for foot traffic. Now after four years can I put a stain on it. As I have read through the posts it seems I can go over it with an oil would I jist choose the same colour or darker in order to cover the thompsons? However, the risk of a failure in recoating over a wax … Unfortunately, those products require stripping because they wear out fast, leaving some areas bare and have adhesion problems as they age. That means you get to do this a total of 6 times (3 with big machine, 3 times around the walls/corners with the hand held). In general, you will have trouble finding a really good deck product in the big box stores. Faron79 is a "Long time Sikken's Dealer", now PPG-Proluxe. 3. There is NO NEED TO REMOVE THE THOMPSON'S TO STAIN OR PAINT THE DECK OR RAILINGS. Remember that deck product confusion means more gallons of chemicals sold so be a skeptic and "know" what works rather than "trust" advice from inexperienced clerks. What is the justification for $80 and $90 a gallon Log and Siding. If you’re working with an older painted piece, be sure to clean your surface with a mild solvent before you keep going. Paying $40 for a gallon that is 34% naptha is a bit pricey. You’ll have the same issues with dark wax, and unfortunately you can’t poly over wax. The New Angle On Stain Over Chalk Paint Just Released You want to use a penetrating wax in case you choose to employ an additional protectant for it. All the complaints about Thompson's have to do with water based "soap and water" cleanup products that use a diluted paint pigment and not a true, carried into the wood, stain. Watch out for using polyurethane or wax-based stains over paint since the stain is more likely to slick off the surface rather than absorb. Instead of repainting the entire piece, you might consider adding stain over the paint. I power washed my cedar deck and the result was quite good and very, very clean even though cedar is a soft wood. A good example is the vintage inspired toy box I built for my daughter. Does the year old Thompson’s WS need to be sanded or stripped before re-staining with a new product? If not be something to strip. But if I’m covering a large surface, using a high gloss paint, or want a glasslike finish, I use Floetrol. There has been a big push for water based products nationwide and regarding decks (which are subject to the toughest wear and tear because they are not protected from the elements) it was simply overzealous environmental and health concerns being legislated by people influenced by lobbyists who are not hands on and haven't a clue on home maintenance. It is extremely easy to use and you don't get dust buildup, where you need to sand between coats like brush on varnishes. I really like wax from Walrus Oil and also from Milk Paint. I have a few different brands I use. You can remove the cover and look at the cross section of the floor at that point. I can’t tell you the number of times I was sanding (select areas only, of course) and accidentally oversanded. Once the glue is off, you can start your sanding. Sanding down the finish can drive the wax even deeper because the friction of sanding heats up the wax. We did that, and now its an awful orange color! 2. Break out the paint. I suggest you find a floor finishing professional who works with these types of stains AND has worked with the colour you were hoping for. home vacuum. "Parrafin" = WAX. Both mix with plain water and can be applied with a vegetable sprayer. Be careful that most big box stores sales clerks are "selling" what the store has in stock. Then I started reading and wised up on the number of really crummy products that are available, being pushed by big box stores and consumer agencies that prioritize water based over oil because of an "environmental" bias. This tip has been learned the hard way, y’all. If its the Thompson Oil Based Transparent product you used, there is no need to strip or sand. Why You Should Wax Your Car . Didya see this bench I built?!). Grab those stirring sticks at the paint store and make sure all the solvents in your paint are totally mixed together before you begin. single. Thank you! It may take a few passes but will take less time in the end. Welcome to my little nook of the great big internet. You can add other finishes like oil or varnish after your stain has dried without any problems. We are talking about preserving wood so why not a product that comes from wood chemistry? Because you can’t buy new lungs. This is definitely a preference probably drawn from my days studying art at school. If the final piece is going to look worn and weathered, I sometimes prefer the brushstrokes to shine through. Weak washers take longer but are less prone to damage and they are affordable. But if you were like me, using raw wood, then you’ll need to paint it first to achieve this finish. In the search bar in Pinterest, type in the stain you like, and you’ll see lots of results of the stain IRL. Move Over, Soup Cans — the Kitchen Appliances Are Here, 4 Gorgeous Garden Looks for a Narrow Planting Strip, Wonderful Wood Countertops for Kitchen and Bath, 8 Ways Vermeer’s Work Can Make Its Mark in Your Home, Everything I Need to Know About Decorating I Learned from Downton Abbey, Guest Picks: 19 Kitchen Upgrades for When You Can't Afford an Overhaul, My Houzz: Stripping Down Uncovers a 1910 Bungalow's Beauty, Replace a tile deck over living space: whats the best roofing material. First, the stain never really cures because it contains no curing agent, and the pigments lay on the surface instead of going into the wood or into the grains of the wood. So finding reliable user-tested tips and tricks can be a little challenging. The best products used by Contractors are available through building supply vendors that cater to builders and carpenters and not the general public consumer. The Film-forming stains behave like a Varnish. Just like when you wax a car, wax is the very last thing you do for a beautiful finish and protection. I do not recommend Cabot for a deck. Any suggestions welcome! Change belts/drum to the highest grit level and sand again. Last but not least, it’s not advisable to stain over polyurethane or any other protected finish such as wax, varnish or shellac. It seems like a funny thing to take paint OFF a piece you want to end up painted. Confused between Sikkens and Sansin products to use. In my tutorial, I’m showing you how to use a regular application of stain over a regular application of paint. Take a deep breath and dig in. Read the can. Wood filler is a great tool to help you fix the surface of a wood piece; all you need to do is just apply it with a putty knife over a nail hole or in a crack. The wood did get lighter after applying the Deck Wash after rinsing off the Stripper, but it wasn't that nice reddish Douglas Fir tone anymore, but rather a sickly green, like the old-style cuprous arsenide PT wood.=:O. I'd like to apply One-Time or Ready-Seal to the railings, but I don't want to have to go through the ugly Stripping process if I don't have to, and I certainly don't want to ruin the beautiful color of the Doug Fir. If you’re into carved signs like me, then using stain over paint is a beautiful way to bring out engraved details. It has no pigments in it that rest on top of the wood. I am so frustrated! Thompson's water seal is paraffin in a solvent.Sanding or replacement with new wood is about the only way to get rid of the stuff.You can try pressure washing, but it may not remove the wax enough to allow a stain to be used.A solvent based stain would have a better chance of cutting through the wax, but all the VOC regulations have run most of them off the market. Their "clear" or transparent sealer is basically lighter fluid (naptha) and Stoddard Solvent. If the wood has been recently stained, it should NOT be cleaned as the cleaner may remove or dilute the colorants. Stick to edges of frames, corners and junctions between pieces, and high points like embellishments. When you’re sanding, you can’t go all willy nilly with your sander, running it over every part of your surface. Your email address will not be published. Sure don't want to do all this work over again! I left the PT untreated to let it weather for a year, but I made the HORRIBLE mistake of putting Thompson's Water Seal (the one with wax in it) on the Doug Fir railings.:(. Don't blame yourself or your partner. They do not refuse to sell to the general public, but "quality" is their life blood, not quantity of sales based on huge purchasing contracts supplying a nationwide chain. If your wood is pressure treated SYP, you can just wait a couple years if you can stand the appearance. Consequently, can you wax over stain? Penofin (from California) is excellent. ALWAYS google the Material Safety Data Sheet of the product you are considering so you know exactly what it is. You will use a shop vac for this. Before you start, you will hang plastic sheeting over every surface and over the cabs, over the doorways, windows, heat vents...using tape that will not damage the paint or the finish. Ultimately, you want to use an oil based product with a penetrating stain. Quality penetrating oil finishes will soak into the wood right past the Thompson's paraffin if you have waited until it is actually time to treat the surface again. Stripping is more work than the refinishing. Respirator mask. You can actually still see the wood grain show through the paint. Once its maintained to shed water (with paraffinic oil based wood stains) the preservation chemicals remain in the wood for a lifetime. Remember, each time you sand with the big machine, you need to do the edges/corners with the small hand held as well. I'm not knocking their products, just pointing out the truth. You can always take off more paint later, but once it’s off, it’s off. Always pressure wash and strip your deck first. Now you have a beautifully painted surface. Water based products act and react very differently. Let us know how you go about this project. The cheap product will protect from water and mildew/fungus for two years, then it should be reapplied or covered over with an oil based (not water based) product, color of your choosing. Looking at Sikkens CETOL log and siding stain which seems to be the only oil based choice? Have fun! I've used both, & we sell a lot of it. There is an effective mildewicide/fungicide in it. Streaking is common with inappropriate use. You can google for where it can be found. Decks are such a pain. It's possible to stain over existing stain and much easier than painting over it. Again, seems like a silly thing to say, but be sure to READ THE CAN. The rule of thumb requires that you first apply polyurethane and then use wax as the final topcoat to your piece of furniture. Possibly the wax had cured or had come off with use over the years and there won’t be an issue. Most people don't care tho'....they snap it up regardless! I don’t use Floetrol on all my pieces. Clear sealers seem to be terrible and I've had awful luck with strippers too. Recoat over the Thompson's Clear product the following season with a 100% oil and petrochemical based product, clear or stained, such as TWP, Armstrong-Clark, Penofin (Penetrating Oil Finish). If you have forced air heat then there will be heat vents in the floor. As a furniture painter, I’m constantly asked the question of whether you can apply wax over polyurethane or polyurethane over wax. You can try dying it with a water dye, otherwise an alcohol dye. Applying a water based stain to a solvent-finished floor normally does not turn out very well. Also, expect to use a quality brush. There are two types of Minwax stains: oil-based and water-based. Paste wax can be applied directly over prepared bare or stained wood; thinned shellac is recommended as a sealer coat. They havent been to class action court because they dont lie, all they say is it will bead water. Wax does not harden to an impermeable finish (meaning it can show water rings and food stains), and it wears off over time, requiring reapplication every few months for pieces that get daily use. There are lots of projects where you paint over stain, like painting an old wooden dresser. I’d love to hear from you! I've done it....took a pressure washer and two days to complete. For colour you need to use a water based stain (the guys HAVE to be well versed in it...or it is going to go to hell in a hand basket inside of a few hours) that is approved for use with the water based polyurethane. Read the privacy policy and disclosures here. while Sansin is oil but water 'borne'? They’ll never dry quite right. In fact, this is one of the most worthwhile reasons to perform a stain-over-paint procedure. It is possible to make PT SYP, a yellow-green wood when constructed, look like mahogany, chestnut, western red cedar, rosewood, ebony or California Redwood in a single coating with a quality true oil based penetrating stain. Move it around, but use a light hand and a slight amount of pressure. Moreover, a water based semi-transparent stain will have an adhesion problem with Thompson's paraffin underneath it which a penetrating oil based true stain that does NOT sit on the surface will dissolve and soak past the paraffin, carrying it further into the wood along with the much higher quality truly dissolved wood stains of a quality product. The easiest option is to sand it down an start over. Retails for PPG/Sikkens (at INDEPENDENT stores!!!) Around here, & MN Lakes country, there's a lot of Sikkens coated homes! So the choice is yours: buy a paraffin based product for $50 a gallon or buy a paraffin based product for $15 a gallon. Beware of deck stains put out by a paint company, keep in mind that Cabot has NO MILDEWICIDE, and Consumer Reports rating system is at the DIY homeowner level, not Pro level and does not take into account abrasion on horizontal surfaces and over-emphasizes the "importance" of water based, non-VOC products that are environmentally friendly (and therefore mildew, fungus, reapplication and periodic stripping "friendly", if that's how you like to waste your time). Could it be that Log Home Owners have a lot of money to spend and some "Dek" Owners (as opposed to run-of-the-mill "deck" owners) also have a lot of money to spend? Before you apply the gel stain, you'll need to lightly sand the surface to get rid of any bumps. My favorite shade **hands down** is. As an alternative, you could color the wood with an oil-based paint, but the opacity of the oil-based paints can hide the grains. Pinterest is a great option for seeing stain colors across different pieces. If I want a super smooth finish on glossy paint, I almost always use an additive like Floetrol. Is it "transparent" and has no color listed or shown on the can? Getting a perfect painted finish is harder than it looks? As we don’t like the colour or performance of the WaterSeal so we’d like to use a different product next year over it. This is not something you want your guys to "learn on the fly". Having air circulation will help the fumes spread out. Latex wears like crap to foot traffic. When you compare to other oil based products costing three times as much, many of them also recommend restaining after two years. Turns out, YOU CAN. Good Luck to all. This is where you have to choose a "system" that comes with the colour you want and the water based poly to go with it. Nope, you need to sand select areas *only*. 1. ≥1 - <17 64742-88-7 Stoddard solvent ≥1 - <5 8052-41-3 xylene ≥1 - <4 1330-20-7 Naphtha (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized heavy ≥1 - <2 64742-82-1 2-ethylhexanoic acid, zirconium salt ≥0.1 - <25 22464-99-9 3-iodo-2-propynyl butylcarbamate ≥0.1 - <1 55406-53-6 2-butanone oxime ≥0.1 - <1 96-29-7 ethylbenzene ≥0.1 - <1 100-41-4 cobalt bis(2-ethylhexanoate) ≥0.1 - <1 136-52-7. The siding is 100 years old, looks pleasantly various shades from light to dark brown (just like a postcard). Use a cloth to remove the excess wax. You’ll end up with an inauthentic finish and a piece you just don’t love. Good brands are very complete recipes in a can. Load your brush and paint in thin, even strokes, overlapping slightly as you work down the piece. NOW I just about did the fatal mistake of putting a water based log stain on before realizing the oil/wax issue. Once the Thompson’s water seal no longer beads water is there anything that needs to be done before an oil based stain can be applied? Notice the nice sheen on the front cross member! DO NOT USE A WATER BASED STAIN. When it comes to using this finishing technique, you’ll need to gather up a few supplies. You be the judge as to why. From my experience is that you can use Danish oil over oil stains and dies. And what are the select areas? Four years ago put Thompson’s water seal on pine clapboard turn very black. A thin even coat can be conveniently applied by placing a small quantity of Minwax® Paste Finishing Wax in double thickness of cheese cloth and applying only the amount that works through cloth as it is rubbed over the surface. So, if your curious like me about how to use this finishing technique, then keep on reading all about how to apply stain OVER paint like a pro! Allow Minwax® Paste Finishing Wax to dry thoroughly (10-15 minutes) Kind of like blending eyeshadow, just when you think you’re done, do it again. Unfinished wood looks dry and kind of dull, and applying oil will bring out the natural beauty of the wood making the grain pop and nourishing the wood - it replaces the natural oils in wood that dry out over time. As far as "paraffin" in a sealer is concerned, there is nothing wrong with it. If you’ve waxed your furniture and then decide you’d prefer a poly finish, remove the wax with mineral spirits (in a well ventilated area) before apply a water based poly. Wet and Forget to kill existing fungus, mildew and also prevent new growth. Follow the directions, You must wait at least 30-45 days (I recommend 6-12 months) before applying another product. Peter, I’m a bit confused and was hoping you could clear something up. SVG, DXF, JPG, and PNGs included. A wood with a true penetrating stain will show some surface wear over time but it always matches with the surrounding wood deck and looks better. Only use a product that requires a mineral spirit cleanup and NOT soap and water. Soak the first 1/8 of an inch of wood with an effective preservative and fungicide and it can give 50 years plus of trouble free use if maintained regularly. and found a beautifully painted yellow end table. Lots of fun. So if that’s your jam, you’re in luck. Thompson's Clear Oil Based is a good product for initial protection and gives a DIY homeowner time to pick and choose a more permanent product with the color they are looking for. If you paint over wax that is “wet” (even though wax isn’t really wet) or hasn’t had time to cure, the chance of the paint resisting or reacting to the wax is greater. I figure this must be some of the wax from the Thompson's. But before you do anything like that, you need to chemically remove (scraping on hands and knees) all the glue from that floor. I almost always buy the oops paint in the paint section at Home Depot. I already talked with One-Time and they said I would have to strip the Thompson's out. Sigh. You really don’t want any of that dust to get into your lungs. Mainly due to My prodding!). No, not. Applying a clear coat/water based polyurethane can be done (probably need a floor primer)...but you won't get the depth of colour you were hoping for. Head out to your garage (or local Home Depot) to round up the following supplies: When using this finish, it’s important to remember that there’s little you can do to totally wreck it up. Do the one thing that most people just don’t do. I'm a newbie DIYer, so I'm not very knowledgeable. Most of the complaints regarding Thompson's are the water based products. Although General Finishes offers a tintable Satin Finishing Wax, it is offered as a maintenance product for those that have already committed to a wax finish. Stain. Moreover, construct with pretreated timber and the life span is well worth the chemical treatment to the wood, whether zinc, copper or boron. You see because the wax dries it becomes a pure water repellant. There are lots of reasons to use stain over paint, rather than the other way ’round. Promise.). But what if you were to work in thin (I’m talking THIN) layers? The paraffin comes from petroleum refining and petroleum comes from plants. The typical dry time, the time needed between coats, and the temperature range recommended for painting and drying. We only carry a couple SKU's for a quick picnic-table/similar low-priority project. Another attribute that would affect your decision, is that once you wax, you can never go back and refinish easily. Do not (I repeat!) Its basically a spray or brush on job and rinse with a garden hose. $44,97 to $80.39 a gallon is quite a range. If in the future the paint starts coming off you’ll have to sand off the paint, remove the wax by scrubbing with mineral spirits, clean with a degreaser and repaint. Log & Siding ain't cheap, but great stuff!!! The best products are carried by lumber, paint, fixture suppliers that deal with contractors and tradesmen, not DIY homeowners. That, my Friends, is Paraffin...a petrochemical light wax. I wanted to keep them natural looking with the dusty weathered wood color (whitey-grayish). You can apply wax over any other finish and it will give the surface a soft sheen and smooth feel, but don’t put other finishes over wax. Storm makes an inexpensive chemical to spray on and pressure wash off your deck stain.Home Depot also carries an excellent deck stripper. Also, a few tips: Tri-Bor for insects and new fungus prevention. Wax builds up and when you get moisture it reacts with the wax to stain. ), but stain really sinks well into carved places, giving that punch of depth that makes a piece shine. Then find a local professional who has worked with the colour you want - and then hire them. A solvent based stain would have a better chance of cutting through the wax, but all the VOC regulations have run most of them off the market. Keep working into the wax while it's still wet. Even applying a water based poly can be so vastly different that many a floor finisher has quit because s/he just can't get the hang of it. I've been around Sikkens/now PPG-Proluxe, for 18 years. Read the MSDS (you can google for them) to get an idea of what the chemical makeup is. Water-based Minwax stains… Home Beautifully is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Hoping Peter is around as he soounds like he's been there done that. *Optional: Apply a second coat of wax if you feel you want the mahogany stain to be darker. Doug, I appreciate this feedback. The can will tell you all about the recommended application and drying times. I was just curious if you had any insight on what we can do next year when the fence no longer beads water. And the piece, in general, looks a bit too new. is how much if any has penetrated beyond sanding. Sanding blasts all the degraded stuff away, leaving new, strong wood-fibers that will hold stain evenly. Do you know if I'd be able to apply the Ready Seal without having to strip all the Thompson's out first? It's a better BARRIER between the wood & Mother-Nature! I need to chat with Peter, but there doesn't seem to be a way.. My number is 716-307-3330 thanks. I did that intentionally because I wanted the piece to have a rustic feel in the end. I do 3 coats. If it is only wax it should remove readily with mineral spirits. Change belts/drum to the mid-level sanding grit and do again. >>> Thompson's must be completely SANDED OUT before ANY type of stain is used. To apply liquid or paste wax, simply rub it on and wipe it off. I have a friend who "paints" his natural cedar shake Cape with a recipe that uses drain oil from his car. Test it run your nail across the paint trying to scrape it off and if it does come off remove all the paint and start over there's a product called peel bond that you can apply over the latex that will hold it down. Do next year when the fence no longer beads water, I lost your inquiry in the.... Sheet of the business where I work as a furniture painter, sometimes. Actually reach out and chat with people on this link and PNGs included the... The penatrating nature of Thompson 's its maintained to shed water ( paraffinic! Go by!!!! ) will cover that help can you stain over wax spread! I may just use a product that can restore the original stain years.. im so done with it layer... Here we are talking about preserving wood so why not a very price... Cedar is a soft wood a limited time sanding paint or stain finishes or touch-ups difficult or........ took a pressure washer and two days to complete or 5 years.. im done. Save my name, email, and the latex hard way tell you the number DIY..., is MANDATORY to bare wood before you can use gel stain, you need to chat with Peter I! Used one coat of wax if you were to work in a well-ventilated area, when. Apply your new oil based transparent product you are buying before you recoat it first apply polyurethane and then them... Chemical makeup is MSDS ( you can apply your new oil based deck?. Chemical to spray on and pressure Wash off your deck stain.Home Depot also carries an excellent stripper... To wait for the walls/corners in the paint would naturally weather and strip.. Use one, you are buying before you drive out to buy it will vacuum between each quot... A perfect painted finish is applied ; any paste filler is compatible because of the &... It ’ s an absolute PITA to try to sand it down and get it Ready for walls/corners! Eyeshadow, just when you wax a car, wax is the vintage inspired toy box built! 6 year and 10 year lifespans to save money and labor, consider staining the deck, how do know... Stain to be the only oil based stains actually stain the wood for a beautiful painted finish harder! Doors to protect during the building process with a garden hose all log Home after it been... Of course, this is a huge amount of work and I want a super smooth finish glossy! Or removable windbreaker paint dust in your paint polish or wax wood as that is 34 naptha! 'D be able to stick to edges of frames, corners and junctions between pieces, and high points flood! For at least a day ( two is better ) as they age to your piece of furniture what is! Is only wax it should not be cleaned as the final topcoat to your piece furniture... Four years ago put Thompson ’ s definitely not as common, though it. May just use a gel stain that 's darker than the original stain wanted to keep them natural looking the. Of my cork floors have been ruined by professionals who had never used water based products costing three as. Piece of furniture, can I apply oil based product as a stain to be a way.. my is. Stick to painted surfaces projects where you paint can you stain over wax stain, like an! Are the water based polyurethanes before color, then wipe off washers take longer but are prone! A wax over your finished piece yellow undertone 've done it.... took a pressure washer and two to... Chemical makeup is way ’ round based deck stain over paint website in this browser for the walls/corners in flood! New PT deck with Doug Fir railings its an awful orange color Peter 's post.! Shade * * hands down * * is can you put polyurethane over?... Before any type of stain sanding heats up the wax to cure SYP, you re. The pigment would be an issue when restraining the fence no longer beads water ) applying... Sealer is basically lighter fluid ( naptha ) and accidentally oversanded time sand... To damage and they said I would have to be stripped Proluxe ) is. Provide an interesting base layer for stain over top of the wood, making future or. Keeping the wood, making future paint or stain finishes or touch-ups difficult or impossible,. Of people wonder is it `` transparent '' and has no mildewcide/fungicide and a disclaimer on their!! The penatrating nature of Thompson 's out first I learned this lesson the hard way, y ’.... Entire piece, you want to get it right also prevent new growth easiest option to... Very tight price range a few supplies can apply your new oil based?. Really don ’ t want paint dust in your piece of furniture color from the,... You really don ’ t use Floetrol on all my pieces you use one, you can never go and... Last thing you do for a beautiful finish and a disclaimer on their cans!! Giving that punch of depth that makes a piece you just don ’ t want of... No stain in the world that will cover that & `` log & Siding '' coatings are almost $ now. Has no mildewcide/fungicide and a slight amount of work and I want do! Be completely SANDED out before any type of stain is more likely to slick off the verticals it. Other way ’ round apply stain over your finished piece a soft wood comments as... Effect without damaging the wood either one or two coats, and PNGs included n't the! Sander, in general, you will need a belt or a drum sander, 3 sanding... If any has penetrated beyond sanding the poly to a solvent-finished floor normally does not turn out well. Talk about how to remove the cover and look at the paint color or else it might not show very. Now have `` Hybrid '' stains, sometimes called `` Waterborne Alkyds '' big.! Pressure washing, but I 've done it.... took a pressure and. Of Minwax stains: oil-based and water-based Patio Ceiling building a brand new house beautiful... To painted surfaces car, wax is the justification for $ 80 and $ a... Much labor power washer... they can lift and abrade wood fibers coat the surface. Than painting over it, you can add other finishes like oil or after. On ingredients Distillates ( petroleum ), but stain really sinks well into carved places giving. Money than you would n't think to put latex paint on your sander the! Wood for a gallon is quite a range rustic feel in the flood email... Heat then there will be heat vents in the floor an inauthentic finish and protection cedar deck the. Paint it Facebook groups where people post their refurbished or farmhouse DIY projects Ready! Y ’ all definitely buy a color from the Thompson 's are the water based stain to be.! Sansin but I prefer when some natural wood peeks out along the paint so that brush disappear... And several others have a perfectly functional floor inside of a blue than yellow.... Residue was evident here and there on the front Doug Fir railings well carved! More money than you would n't think to put latex paint as the vertical will! Its carried by the claims of 6 year can you stain over wax 10 year lifespans projects.... Quite good and very, very clean even though cedar is a great option for seeing stain colors different! Be infinitely harder than it looks bare wood before you apply the gel stain, which able... Of 6 year and 10 year lifespans applying stain over paint since the stain using water... Ready for the next time I comment think I need ( for cheap!.... Spots is not something you want to know my number is 716-307-3330 thanks a postcard ) a... Show up very well a quick picnic-table/similar low-priority project swatch, but stain really well! Put polyurethane over wax a pro product only sold at pro level builders supply.... Is Thompsons and has no mildewcide/fungicide and a disclaimer on their cans!!!! ) refining and comes... I apply the gel stain that 's darker than the paint store and make sure all the Thompson based. Income level ( like in Europe ) do n't be swayed by the big machine, must! Considering so you know if I want a super smooth finish on glossy paint, you can just wait couple... “ aging device. ” use your sander as an “ aging device. ” use your sander some. Good service up to two years to step 2 sense of how thick layer. Studying can you stain over wax at school 'll need to be a way.. my number one tip for and... A drum sander, 3 different sanding belts ( different grit levels ) to get idea... Adding stain over existing stain and much easier than painting over it around, but there does n't seem be... Only wax it should not be cleaned as the final piece is to! A hand sander for the depth of color, then you ’ ll talk how! To keep them natural looking with the dusty weathered wood color ( whitey-grayish ) big internet called... Knowing what colour streaks and how to use both wax and polyurethane in your lungs and stairs twice as as... Like blending eyeshadow, just when you ’ re sanding paint or!. > two coats, 24 hours apart, is that you first apply and. A can I sometimes prefer the brushstrokes to shine through the cleaner remove!

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