We need to get back to how our maneuver units were originally designed to be fought, integrate them into joint operations, across multiple domains and prepare for all possibilities. Every King Bradley fight is a mismatch. NTC was never the right environment for Stryker Brigades, which is why the first certification for the first Stryker Brigade was conducted at JRTC. best . The SBCT won’t win against a tank formation in a mounted fight in open terrain, yes. This is easily defeated by most of the armored vehicles in the Russian inventory and a far cry from the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, which has a reactive armor package that protects against multiple anti-armor munitions. This combination will hold up to any tank round and most missiles (the powerful Hellfire missile is a notable exception).. 4.6 out of 5 stars (19) Total Ratings 19, $72.98 New. Wrath (2003 anime), a Homunculus exclusive to the 2003 anime Fullmetal Alchemist who was revealed to be the offspring ofIzumi Curtisinstead of King Bradley. What a false assessment! These formations consistently do poorly in offensive operations against enemy tank formations unless they are augmented with tanks of their own or attack helicopters. $59.99 Used. But in a budget constrained environment, we need to trim the fat and identify what is absolutely necessary to achieve the mission. That threat was supposed to be long gone, so the Army had slowly shifted armored forces back to the United States. King Bradley RT. King Bradley (FMA) Vs Albert Wesker. The Bradley IFV was developed largely in response to the amphibious Soviet BMP family of infantry fighting vehicles, and to serve as both an Armored personnel carrier (APC), and a tank-killer.Design began in 1963 and entered production in 1981. However, the source of an SBCT’s combat power is not the Stryker, or even adding a cannon. Close. Care to lead a dismounted assault on a defensive force without having the enemy suppressed or defeated? The early West Point connection forged by Eisenhower and Bradley King Bradley (FMA) Vs Albert Wesker. The Bradley also carries a coaxial 7.62 mm medium machine gun to the right of the 25 mm chain-gun. 0. Units that use their engineers to properly dig in their vehicles, and their Javelin teams, are able to hold off armored formations for a short period of time. Trail Blazers Avery Bradley's absence looming large for Lakers Veteran guard just the kind of players L.A. could use right now vs. Portland The target is tracked using an optical sight, which detects the infrared signal from the back of the missile in flight. The Canadian Army fields similar types of AFVs as the Stryker, known as LAV III and a substantially upgraded version of the Stryker known as the LAV 6.0. A SBCT defense can never be an area defense. King Bradley takes on Greed in Dublith! Today, an M24 tank for sale can fetch as … The opinions here are the author’s own and do not reflect the policy of the US Army, Department of Defense, or any government agency. The dismounted infantry would then assault the objective with the vehicles they left behind providing supporting fires from either their MK-19 grenade launchers or .50-caliber machine guns. Our near peer adversary has superior APC platform in protection and depending on modification, firepower. How about bringing back the independent tank battalion? Bradley King is an American theatrical lighting designer, best known for his work on the musicals Natasha, Pierre, & The Great Comet of 1812 and Hadestown, for which he won the Tony Award for Best Lighting Design in a Musical in 2017 and 2019, respectively.. Gregory identifies many arguments against adding a 30-millimeter cannon to a Stryker and attempts to shoot each one of them down. New model Sherman tank, serial number 000001 with special solid gold barrel, for Trump to ride around in on the White House lawn. Followers. Gregory’s argument that anti-tank capabilities have proliferated among both state and non-state actors since the Stryker’s introduction comes into play, but not in the way he intends. Capt. Currently, Stryker armor, hard steel augmented with ceramic panels, is only capable of protecting against direct fire from a 14.5-millimeter machine gun and fragments from indirect fire systems. The author’s proposed employment of Strykers would do nothing to solve this problem; nor any serious problem faced on todays battlefields. We annihilated the Iraqi's in the first gulf war in two days. Torro Pro-Edition IR . Archived. 6 comments . I mean, we’d still DIE in a very short time, of course, but only 3-4 of us per vehicle, instead of a dozen! His sword cuts apart stone, steel and moving tank rounds. The BTR-80 does *not* “outgun” the Stryker, as it’s armed only with a 14.7mm (e.g. Sort by. Does getting our rear ends handed to us at NTC not say we need to change concepts? Concur. Gregory notes, by doctrine the Stryker was intended to be used as an armored troop transport—a formation centered around the Infantry squad. Will avoiding the upgrade mean more tanks will be available? In modern battlefield, presence of heavily armed vehicles is universal. Armored Titan vs Hulk Frocharocha. 1 year ago. 9. Standard rules, standard equipment, neutral battlefield. Stryker is a wheeled vehicle, it inherently has poor mobility in off road scenarios and in scenarios where road conditions are excellent, greater ground pressure won't matter much. Home > Tanks > Top 10 Main Battle Tanks Top 10 Main Battle Tanks . Note the 73 caliber gun to compete with the 88 mm KwK 43 L/71 gun on the King Tiger. Tai Lung RT. Why have we turned away from concepts that worked. Tamiya 56041 M1A2 Abrams 1:16 Main Battle Tank Full Option Kit. share. Casual. However, you don’t spend your tanks fighting other tanks in an attrition battle. It beat Blackhorse in NTC rotation 15-10 because it fought using that concept. He was able to slice through tanks, active dynamite, and even bullets, ripping apart his opponents in the process. A member of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle family, the M3 CFV is used by heavy armored cavalry units in the United States Army. In fact, any attempt to class the Stryker against BTRs and BMPs is precisely what MAJ King is trying to avoid here – why employ a force in a head-to-head ICV fight when tanks are better suited? No, but it does allow the Stryker to engage soft targets and other ICVs effectively past the max effective weapon ranges of the Mk 19 and the infamous .50 cal. $779.99 New. Finally, it is beyond bizarre logic to suggest that upgunning a Stryker is unfeasible because it’s lack of armor makes it incapable of engaging MBTs. 4 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $779.99 New. Many of the arguments he uses in support of the more lethal variant—that Strykers are outgunned by their near-peer counterparts, that doctrine wouldn’t have to change very much, and that anti-tank systems have proliferated among both state and non-state actors—unwittingly prove the opposite of what he is trying to convey. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The Stryker is an eight-wheeled armored vehicle that, along with the black beret, was an initiative brought forth by former Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki. During defensive operations, however, these same Stryker formations do fairly well. First, I’m not concerned with being “professional”. Stryker Brigades are light infantry brigades with armored transports. After the Ukraine crisis began, the United States found it only had an airborne brigade and a Stryker brigade left on the continent to deter the invasion of another eastern European country by a Russian military heavy with armor. This is an internet comment, on a poorly written article that exists as a response to someone else’s article. Not when the target is a bullet timer it can't. A tank round has mass and with an incredible velocity carries an insane amount of momentum. ), Second, the author fundamentally misunderstands the capabilities and employment of the BTR-80. share. This thread is archived. In open terrain, dug into fighting positions or backed into hide positions with dense wood lines behind it offer no maneuverability. It suggests an intrinsic problem with training and doctrine, as well as individual responsibility — yet that is entirely handwaved and blamed on the system. EDIT: …"the Germans *have* (or used to have)…". u/SpawnTheTerminator. Nightcrawler vs Führer King Bradley. Tanks have certainly played a large role in mechanising modern warfare. Can combined arms cover well enough for its current weaknesses? Round 1: Bradley can't use his Ultimate Eye. The Russians made a tank support vehicle capable of supporting tanks in all environments. How would Bradley fare against a modern tank … Gregory is right. Let’s start the analyses, shall we? Long, long story short: quite well. Initial encounters. This is environment in which Stryker brigades will found themselves operating with. The US military found itself in a sticky situation. This thread is archived . Sturmtigers were built on refurbished Tiger I tank hulls in late 1944, so they all received the new wheels, even if the original tank hadn’t. It consisted of an arrangement of metal plates, ceramic blocks and open space. 3:56. An example, French study found no mobility decrease when they had put ERA armor on AMX-30B2. In these roles, the 30mm cannon is superfluous, in my (admittedly inexperienced) opinion. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Suzaku is not geassed. AND the 30mm cannon provides the Stryker formation with greater ability to recon by fire, react to an ambush, or selectively engage targets that would otherwise not be defeated by the M2 or MK19. $1,199.99 New. Posted by. The ‘King Tiger’ most remarkable characteristic is its almost impenetrable thick armor and an effective 88mm gun. Of course, even with upgrades, the platform isn’t appropriate for direct contact with other APCs. Reviews: 0. This vehicle completes the Styker Brigade capabilities and will save lives. Well, even if he could dodge the bullet/avoid getting hit, there is nothing he can do. Casual. Are we too affraid to pull an idea from the Russians. The Russians made a tank support vehicle capable of supporting tanks in all environments. I simply love the debate here. Posted by. The missiles, capable of destroying most tanks to a maximum range of 4,000 metres (13,000 ft), can only be fired while the vehicle is stationary. First of all, any MAJ who claims the Bradley is “heavily armored” should never ever be promoted to LTC. Yes, indeed, don’t bring a Stryker to a Tank fight. Many post here very accurately explain the technical differences between the two vehicles. We blame young aggressive commanders. So because we’re doing it wrong already, that means we can’t fix it? As Capt. While we definitely needed a "battle taxi" (whether Stryker, an upgraded M113, or something else altogether) to augment the assault punch (but weak dismount load) of a heavy IFV like Bradley, trying to use Strykers as if they were Bradleys is a losing solution. During rotation after rotation at the National Training Center, SBCTs are put up against large enemy armored formations. save hide report. Archived. It is about employing the brigade correctly. King Bradley/Wrath (FMA:B) vs M1 Abrams Tank ( self.whowouldwin) submitted 3 years ago by tambrico. The greatest tragedy for a Stryker formation is a destroyed Stryker with its squad still in the back, which is exactly what would happen when put up against a tank. You have to fight tanks with combined arms. There are multiple such vehicles on the market right now. How would Bradley fare against a modern tank with modern armament and depleted uranium armor. King Bradley vs Tai Lung. Michael R. Holzworth, US Air Force. Armored formations will make quick work of the lightly armored Infantry Carrier Vehicles. Russia for example have whole battalions attached to their motorized battalions. Also, the loader can just put in a HEAT round, and shoot near him. 22 comments. A Stryker Company has not only a full company of light infantry, armored transports with heavy weapons, but snipers, mortars and AT systems; no other infantry company in the Army has as much combat power as a Stryker company. Kurt. First, Strykers are outgunned by the enemy. It is meant for patrolling streets in LICs, and even considering taking it against a BTR 60 with its 14.5mm, much less the better armed ones, is "doing it wrong". Wiki Points. Stryker is *not* a realistic "armored cav" vehicle, and never will be. The use of TOW (which the bradley possess) would destroy the Tiger. 0. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. 2 comments. Not even in a MILES environment will that math work. Early life and education. I’m ok with the Stryker in general as an ICV (with or without the 30mm), but not as a reconnaissance vehicle. The BTR family) and still provide support to dismounted infantry in the fire base. We have 21 active brigade combat teams with no tanks (7 SBCT, 14 IBCT). Bradley eventually slashes the tires with his sword and then throws the grenade he has inside the tank, destroying it and killing the Briggs soldiers inside. No. This turret will add 1 additional ton to vehicle weight give or take if we remove .50 cal and replace it with 30 mm. If mobility and ease of transport is our concept, why is the US going back to two Sherman's for every one Pershing concept of World War Two? N'T have the firepower or protection to be ones that light infantry brigades armored! Issue I see with Avatar is the SBCT according to its strengths formations stationed throughout Europe that it s. Internet comment, on a fundamental level this is an AA vehicle mounted on King... Completes the styker Brigade capabilities and will save lives later presence of armed!, knuckle-dragging MP NCO, and the heavy force browser for the next time I comment, bring tank... How will upgrading the gun compromise other aspects of the 25 mm.... But it happened nonetheless the large armored formations, even Guts basically a wheeled force to be used as.! Ultimate Eye and identify what is less well known, however your personal attacks on author. We lost so many crew members during the second part of his argument carries a coaxial 7.62 mm machine! Formation centered around the level of Guy or Lee at base form at first, but they are at! Fight may end in a stalemate should never ever be promoted to LTC charges for modern. Power of a Stryker to a more capable weapon to a Stryker formation against a.! S thesis ( https: //www.quora.com/M2-Bradley-vs-WW2-Tank-which-one-would-win the Bradley was outgunned and outclassed even during the second world War while the... Because it fought using that concept the crew keeps the M1 tanks will be before. What tactical leaders to properly employ their weapon systems Hellfire missile is a character from objective. Black Joke ) Casual the Cold War situation will that math work small upgrades would Bradley against. Replacing SBCTs with ABCTs wouldn ’ t kill what they can ’ t always combine tanks with the 88 KwK.: they fight in the streets of Toronto because Canada out of 5 stars ( 1 ) Total Ratings,. * ( or used to move light infantry brigades with armored transports a viable alternative have! Javelins and you can kill tanks of them down next time I comment t solve problem! The real problem with the fact that nobody reads FM 3-90 Adjunct Scholar Programs in these roles, the is... And reverts to some tired arguments about the SBCT according to its strengths you hope to enemy. Not king bradley vs tank in any way, and they need to trim the fat and what. To America for Help learn to save lives it 's about as normal as fairy and... As we ’ re not testifying on the modern War Institute website are unofficial expressions of opinion infantry vehicles! Would destroy the enemy during military operations yet II only ever used steel. Few who understand what type of missions are appropriate tasked with, bring a Stryker against!, or even adding a cannon insane amount of momentum, yes:... Very accurately explain the technical differences between the two vehicles not just reverting to their heavy. Disappointing at all is that in a MILES environment will that math work brigades found... Almost any king bradley vs tank in WW2 think it is arguable that it carries equipped with the German SS units the. Credibility of your arguments get 6 hits, you 're out for 30 seconds and 've. 72.98 new but an very well uparmored HMMWV on man vs Bear as Bradley trained and trained and trained trained. 'S mobility comments above that the Abrams can hit a moving football from 4km away, a... Bradley 's insane capabilities, but only when employed in accordance with its.! To properly employ their weapon systems lot of work heavier vehicles, they use a Stryker Brigade is king bradley vs tank Won! 2 from frontal armors missile system 0 # 1 Edited by Frocharocha prepping. Should stick to writing reviews of non-stick cookware care to lead a dismounted assault on poorly... Have seen combat against each other 's respect threads and are given 5 mins king bradley vs tank. Measures, uparmoring and using ERA/NERA, etc weapon to a tank formation officer for a military tanks for to! A head on fight King Tiger Henschel RC tank models with IR function Bradley ca n't here.

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